Friday, 30 September 2011

Wizards cottage

This is my dry build for my wizards cottage, using the garden pavilion kit from the dolls house emporium.

It seems like a nice easy build :)

 First thing i did was to masking tape the house together then i drew around the edge of the floor so i knew where to lay the flooring up to. The flooring type is the iron on stuff, you just have to cut it to the right size and then iron it on making sure that it is pushed up tight to the other boards so there is no gap.
this is the flooring all layered, it hasn't been stained yet.
This is the floor once i waxed it, it was a dark oak wax. I also marked the boards every so on to make the floor boards more realistic.

I decided to stain all the wood work the same, the doors, windows, window frames, skirting board, dado and coving and even the garden gate.
I undercoated the house white to seal it.
I decided to fit outside lights so i had to drill holes in the front and cut channels in the inside to run the wries through.
The wire fits in to the channel.
I put masking tape over the wires to keep them in place.
My outside lights.
I stenciled the garden wall inside and outside.
Lights are in place, the house is still not glued together.
I've decided to make a chimney breast to attach my fireplace to, i've built this out of bass wood.
The fireplace will sit on the front of it.

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